Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cam Barker and Performance

One thing old timey Oiler fans are familiar with is the Edmonton NHL team and their love for reclamation projects. The one I remember best was Jimmy Harrison trying to make it back after an injury maybe 1979. That was a little different, Harrison was 33 or so and had a lot of miles on him.

Cam Barker is an interesting case. An offensive defenseman with a big shot that is effective for PP use, he had a monster draft year and found himself being taken 3rd overall in 2004 by the Chicago Blackhawks.

Right from the beginning, Barker got a lot of his offense from the powerplay. Here are his EV numbers in the WHL with the Tigers:
  • 03-04 (17): 69gp, 9-17-26 (.377)
  • 04-05 (18): 52gp, 9-9-18 (.346)
  • 05-06 (19): 25gp, 0-5-5 (.200)
Let's compare that to Barker's PP numbers during the same seasons:
  • 03-04 (17): 69gp, 12-26-38 (.551)
  • 04-05 (18): 52gp, 6-21-27 (.519)
  • 05-06 (19): 25gp, 5-8-13 (.520)
So, it's fair to say that a lot of Barker's offense (and this is true of all defensemen) came off his powerplay opportunities. Take those PP minutes away and Barker's offense--a big part of the reason he was chosen at number 3--is going to slide. The boxcars will be off.


When he arrived in pro hockey, Barker got a healthy dose of PP time. In 06-07, he played half a season (35 games) and score 1-7-8; all but 2 assists came on the powerplay. Here are Cam Barker's even strength 5x5 numbers since 07-08:

5x5/60, by year (source: behind the net dot ca)
  • 07-08: 1.35
  • 08-09: 0.60
  • 09-10: 0.76
  • 10-11: 0.17
Barker had an exceptional number in 07-08, a more normal total in the following two seasons and we know last year was poor.

5x4/60, by year
  • 07-08: 1.98
  • 08-09: 7.27
  • 09-10: 3.36
  • 10-11: 1.68
Barker lost playing time to various men, Zidlicky and Burns in year one and then those two and the kid Jared Spurgeon last season. I'm using all of this to establish that a lot of Barker's value is tied to powerplay, and that when you're not using him there it'll be hard for him to earn his money. Even last season when he had a paltry 5 points, 2 of those came on the PP.

There is no horrible back story about Barker, he just lost effectiveness.
  • Wild GM Chuck Fletcher: "Cam worked real hard for us. He was a true professional. When we acquired him, he was a player we felt would fit into our short- and long-term plans. He was already an established player in the league that had some success. But it didn't work out the way we anticipated and/or he had hoped. When you look back at things a couple years later, things seem crystal-clear. I'm the general manager, and ultimately I'm the guy who makes the trades and drafts the players. I certainly take full responsibility for any decision we ever make here."
  1. Did he ever--at any time--play tough minutes in the NHL? No. He didn't in Minnesota and in Chicago they always had a better option. Whatever Barker's value--real or imagined, it doesn't appear in the secondary disciplines (that I can find).
  2. How was his CorsiRel during these easy minutes? Mid pack all the way. Even last season when he was poor--you can't find 5 kind words about him on the internet in the last year--his CorsiRel is right in the middle of the Hawk depth chart.
  3. But he wasn't killing the competition? No, never. Not at even strength.
  4. Shouldn't he have been doing that by now? Yes, I'd say that with his experience and pedigree that Barker should have had a stronger CorsiRel.
  5. Who was he playing with? Rookie Jared Spurgeon mostly, and a teenager named Justin Faulk.
  6. So he didn't play with a quality veteran? Well I think Barker was the quality veteran, or at least the lead player on the third pairing.
  7. Is there anything 5x5 that helps his cause? I can't find it. His zone start/end is a down arrow in Minnesota, and the same thing in Chicago.
  8. So he's a hammer? To this point in his career Barker has been successful in one season and that year was a PP bonanza for him. A lot of 2nd assists and some goals too.
  9. How much of his career NHL offense came on the PP? 12-38-50 on the PP and 7-34-41 at even strength.
  10. What kind of PP TOI per game are we talking here? In his big season, Barker spent 3:24 a night on the PP. He was 2nd (behind Brian Campbell) among defensemen. He seemed to be around 2.5 to 3 minutes a night in Chicago.
  11. What about Minnesota? When they dealt for him in 09-10, the Wild used him in all situations. 17.5 minutes at evens, 2 minutes on the PK and 2.5 minutes on the PP. Lots of time. Last season, he was down to 14:10, 50 seconds and 1:22 by discipline.
  12. What happened? People kept passing him. Spurgeon and Stoner looked better than he did and took time away. He appeared to have a crisis of confidence (told Jason Gregor as much yesterday) and things got off the rails. The Wild, similar to the Oilers, had a poor season and Barker was impacted by it. He went from 32 shifts in 09-10 to 24 a year ago. Wild coaches found better options.
  13. Isn't there anything good you can say about Cam Barker? Well, if he can help the PP that's a pretty big deal. Barker (imo) should be considered this year's Kurtis Foster, a guy the Oilers hope will impact the powerplay.
  14. Where will he play for the Oilers? I think second pairing. Smid-Gilbert is a pair that works and Whitney is lead dog, so unless the Oilers add a veteran defender (without trading one of Whitney, Gilbert or Smid) then I would rank Barker ahead of Peckham, Sutton, Petry and Chorney.
  15. Why ahead of Petry? So far, the Oilers have handled Petry well, breaking him in slowly and against depth opposition. Barker's role should be 2nd pairing.
  16. Will the Oilers make another trade for defense? I've been saying this for 5 long years, but God yes. If they're serious about being better.
  17. So you hate this signing? No, but as I mentioned yesterday it's a huge risk. Barker is coming off a poor season and is miles from his best season. He's an expensive risk, but if the Oilers can find a player here that has value. The 11-12 season is probably a reasonable time to invest in a guy like Barker. He isn't the top 4 option we were hoping for, but he should be better than he was a year ago. If he isn't, he'll be down the line. My main worry is that it could impact a kid like Petry, whose development is vital.
FOSTER 10-11
  • 5x5 points per 60: 0.55 (5th among Oil D)
  • 5x4 points per 60: 2.93 (2nd among Oil D)
  • Qual Comp: easiest among D
  • Qual Team: 4th best available among D
  • Corsi Rel: 2.0 (tied for 4th best among D)
  • Zone Start: 54.5% (easiest among D)
  • Zone Finish: 52.9% (best among D)
  • Shots on goal/percentage: 182 shots/8 goals 4.4% (5th best)
  • Boxcars: 74gp, 8-14-22
  • Plus Minus: -12 on a team that was -52
BARKER 10-11
  • 5x5 points per 60: 0.17 (7th among Wild D)
  • 5x4 points per 60: 2.55 (5th among Wild D)
  • Qual Comp: easiest among D
  • Qual Team: 6th best available among D
  • Corsi Rel: -3.7 (4th best among D)
  • Zone Start: 50.8% (2nd easiest among D)
  • Zone Finish: 48.3% (2nd best among D)
  • Shots on goal/percentage: 44 shots/1 goal 2.2%
  • Boxcars: 52gp, 1-4-5 
  • Plus Minus: -10 on a team that was -27
Nation Radio his the airwaves again today, noon Edmonton time on Team 1260. The show will have a draft/prospect feel but we'll also devote plenty of time to the UFA signings and the impact on the Edmonton Oilers for next season. Scheduled to appear:
  • Scott Cullen from tsn. He tracked the UFA signings yesterday and that my friends was a full time job. We'll discuss the Oilers moves, the Leafs lack of moves and Calgary's chances of acquiring Brad Richards. 
  • Kent Simpson from Team 1260's Edmonton Oil Kings broadcasts. We'll discuss the importance of playing in an advanced league like the WHL for young European players. Kent had a bird's eye view of Kristians Pelss and his impressive development and we'll discuss it and project new Oiler and Oil King Martin Gernat.
  • Kirk Luedeke from Bruins draft Watch. Kirk LOVES the Oilers draft and we'll ask him to give his overall impressions. Kirk probably has some good behind the scene stories from the draft action so we'll try to pry those out too.
  • Mike Spiedel from Hockey Symposium. Mike has taught me a lot about the draft and value picks over the years, and we'll get his insight into just how many Oiler selections were "value" picks.
  • Matt Bugg from Dobber Hockey. I interviewed Matt last weekend about the Oilers picks and will touch base on the subject again. I'll also delve a little into the players not selected and ask if any of them might be worth signing to pro contracts.
The show will have a dual focus: the draft and UFA signings. Some of my conversations today may be a little shorter because I'm hoping to pass along some interviews from Steve Tambellini, Cam Barker and Eric Belanger. Emails are welcome, we like questions and love comments at


  1. It's a ton of money to pay on a reclamation project.

  2. I'm not so much worried about the money, because honestly the Oilers aren't in cap trouble and are unlikely to be spening much of their current room.

    My concern in regard to Barker is twofold:

    1. How does this impact the development of men like Petry and

    2. Will the Oilers do something stupid like trade Gilbert if they believe in Barker this much?

  3. He is only 25 years old. It might be a little early to write him off. Or at least, that's what I've always read on Oilers Blogger...e a little early to write him off. Or at least, that's what I've always read on Oilers Blogger...

  4. I'm not a big fan of this signing. Looking at the numbers you posted in comparison to Foster, it seems that Barker has a long way to go just to get to the level Foster was at a year ago.

    We all know Foster had a poor year so what exactly are the Oilers expecting out of this kid? Even if he matches Foster's output that will be a huge improvement for Barker but I think the Oilers need much more and I'm pretty sure that's asking too much.

  5. I'm sure the Oilers are counting on Barker regaining his confidence and performing at previous levels.

    There are two problems I see:

    1. The Oilers need calm waters for Petry and now Barker will be taking those calm waters.

    2. The Oilers don't have enough established defensemen to have any calm waters.

    Remember when the Oilers had Niinimaa, Jason Smith and Steve Staios as their big three? They had Brewer coming along, Poti who had some experience and a bunch of guys like Sean Brown?

    Remember that?

    The Oilers don't have THAT kind of depth, let alone the depth they enjoyed 2006 spring.

  6. Put another way, I'm not concerned about the money and I do think Barker might recover his career given the right circumstances.

    I don't think the 11-12 Edmonton Oilers are going to be the right circumstances.

  7. So Richards is signing with the Rangers. I wonder if this impacts the Dubinsky situation.

  8. Wolfie: Where are you reading this?

    Lee: I have to delete, can you re-post without reference at the beginning of your post? Thanks.

  9. I don't understand why people are complaining about the money. It's only for one year! If Barker improves, fans will be sorry it's only for one year. If not, who cares. It's not my money.

  10. Twitter. Dreger has it as does The Fourth Period guys.

  11. The Kings keep getting left at the alter with big name free agents. I guess the only way they were going to get some high end players was to deal some of their glut of prospects.

  12. I have been impressed by Tambellini the last couple of weeks. He's folded some hands that clearly weren't worth the gamble, picked up some wild cards that at worst are stopgap and at best could be real solutions AND he's not left himself pot committed beyond this season. Most importantly, he's addressed team toughness and veteran leadership in a big way.

    Sure, it can be argued that players like Eager, Hordichuk and Sutton are 1 dimensional, but as Boston has shown us quite recently with a very physical team, it's a bloody important dimension in today's NHL. Will the potential crackdown on ALL head shots limit the effectiveness of some of these slow footed warriors? Time will tell.

    As for now, I think we should be reasonably encouraged that a GM most noted for his dithering pulled off 6 separate FA signings in a single day. Man of action and a gambler to boot. I like it.

    "Lord, Steve was born a gambling man. Trying to make the playoffs and doing the best he can."

  13. Cool, that might mean something shakes out with the Rangers today.

  14. richards sign 9 years $6.5 mill per as per dreger. Let the dubinsky rumours begin

  15. Great analysis LT.

    Matheson today notes that Barker was out for 3 months with a back injury last year.

    He is apparently healthy now, so hopefully an improvement this year.

  16. richards sign 9 years $6.5 mill per as per dreger.

    Not that it needed any help, but the Kovalchuk contract looks worse than ever now.

  17. apparently the flames offered 9 years $65 mill

  18. That puts Arnott and Connolly in play for today. I wonder if the Leafs look at both of those players now that they are shut out in the Richards sweeps?

  19. TreenasOil
    Hemsky was almost moved today deal fell through last minute

  20. I keep waiting for bikini girl to wake up with more Oilers news...

  21. apparently the flames offered 9 years $65 mill

    Ah, its nice to watch others unsuccessfully chase the whale for a change.

  22. Ducey: I missed that, thanks.

    Okay, gents and (maybe) ladies: Choose your poison: Hemsky or Gagner?

  23. Barker just turned 25 which isn't even entering the prime of a d-man (see Doughty). Sometimes organizations rush d-man along, expectations are high & patience is low! A chance to play regularyly is all Barker needs because he's got the talent & desire! Everything is in the Oilers favor & control all they need to do is set him up to succeed!

  24. LT (and others),

    I recall everyone here had a lot of pre-Frenzy love for O'Brien, formerly of NH. I don't think that I saw him land anywhere. Might he still have a role of is that the Sutton slot?

  25. burnside saying no deal yet. interesting.

  26. "Okay, gents and (maybe) ladies: Choose your poison: Hemsky or Gagner?"

    Hemsky...he only has a deal left before he hits crazy season. Gagner can be moved to RW and has all those RFA years to play with.

  27. Hemsky or Gagner? That's tough. I think Hemsky's health and willingness to stay long term are big factors.

  28. Player A:

    6ft 195 lbs (at age 31)
    33 82 115 pts in his draft year (3rd round pick)

    Player B:

    6ft 171 lbs (age 17)
    31 75 106 pts in his draft year (1st round pick)

  29. Great read on Barker LT. One of the areas that explains this signing is the idea of helping the PP - something of a replacement for Foster.

    @ Douglas MacLachlan: Shane O'Brien (SOB to Nash fans) would have been a better option than than Sutton on the 3rd pairing, but Oilers needed to get rid of a contract on D.

    If LT's right (and I agree) adding a 2nd pairing D-man is still the priority - just hope they don't do it by getting rid of Gilbert (treading water).

    And I say no to either Hemsky or Gagner going - especially if it's Mike Green. He's a soft d-man and the fanbase will eat him alive.

  30. Good points L.T.

    So the Dmen who need 3rd pairing minutes are:


    Leaving Whitney, Smid and Gilbert to take top 4, except they are only 3.

    Unless they add a true top 4 Dman, someone is playing above their weight again this year.

    The bikini girl rumour of 77+13 for Dubinsky + pick almost killed me.

    I LOVE Dubinksy, but this line up can't afford to give up 5,6,77 unless a top 4 Dman is coming back. (And 5's a stretch as a top 4 guy, but he's getting there)

    WAS,SJS, and a couple other teams need forwards and have enough D to trade one.

    Wonder if Wilson is willing to trade Vlasic? He's a little tight on cap space, but I have no clue what he's want back.

    V3.1 did a good job yesterday, but I can't shake the feeling he is about to get fleeced in a trade.

    The only good rumbling is that Stauffer said 4 times yesterday that the Oilers know they can't afford to trade Gilbert, let's hope that is true (unless the return makes the trade a no-brainer)

    I honesty think that if the D line doesn't change, the optimal line up is:


    The bottom 3 should rotate in and out depending on how they play.

    58 played way better than a rookie should last year, I hope he can keep it up.

  31. Wolfie said...

    I keep waiting for bikini girl to wake up with more Oilers news...

    Me too.

    I nudged her but she just rolled over and went back to sleep. :)

  32. WG

    If we're going that way, I'd almost rather see 5 & 77 back together and use 6 rather than 5 to shelter 58.

    Fletcher's comments on Barker are damn near cryptic.

  33. "6,77

    I think thats likely how the season will end if everyone is healthy. I'd rather have Petry earn his steps along the way.

    Barker seems like this years Kurtis Foster experiment. It's not a bad thing but I'm not holding high expectations for him either. I'll take whatever he gives us. He's more likely a 3rd pairing player, but with the lineup the way it is now, he'll probably start on the 2nd pairing with Smid.

    The Oilers could really use another Dman to push everyone down a notch.

  34. I see the Dreadfully Soft Fox can evidently post while still dreaming. And he thinks she's really a girl....maybe he should take more holidays in Thailand?

  35. bikini girl has some pluck too. She told someone to step off last night, it was terrific.

    On a related point, how sad are we? :-)

  36. Okay, gents and (maybe) ladies: Choose your poison: Hemsky or Gagner?

    Short term: Neither.

    Hemsky's value will be at its highest at the deadline both because of his injury and because teams will overpay with prospects/ picks at that time of year.

    Keeping Gagner means RNH doesn't have to play in the NHL right away and Sam's value should only go up as he matures. He might put up 55 pts this season and really increase his value.

    Longterm: Hemsky at the deadline. Gagner perhaps in a year or two. I will be tough to have RNH, Eberle, and Omark all in the top 6 mix and keep Gagner. That is just too small of a lineup and many of the skills (and weaknesses) will be duplicated.

  37. Ryan Potulny signed by the Caps--just noticed.

    As for Barker, I'm not worried about this contract per sea.

    Based on the Oilers track record, I'd be more worried about him having a great okay maybe decent year, then getting a long juicy contract and turning into creme brule. :p

    If the bikini girl's rumor about Dubinsky for Gilbert/Cogs has any merit, that will leave us with some incredible depth down the middle with a remarkably piss poor blue line???

    ?The Nuge

  38. The broom is active in NY:

    Kevin Allen
    kausatoday Kevin Allen
    Lightning sign Matt Gilroy who played last season with Rangers.
    3 minutes ago

  39. Will the Oilers do something stupid like trade Gilbert if they believe in Barker this much?

    Yeah, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop as well, especially with teams desperate for defense.

    The last thing I want (besides a Gilbert trade) to see is Whitney - Gilbert, Smid - Barker, Peckham - Sutton.

  40. Coach: lol. That's like the time speeds did a draft preview and said "I'll die if they take Dubnyk 14th overall".

    Classic. The Hockey Gods are terrible people.

  41. That broom swept a couple of days ago hwne the Rangers announced they weren't re-signing Gilroy.

  42. I keep waiting for bikini girl to wake up with more Oilers news...

    Me too.

    I nudged her but she just rolled over and went back to sleep. :)

    You sure its not a case of "Dude looks like a Lady"?

    The odds of a hot bikini wearing 22 year old gal a) caring about hockey and b)having access to inside information, seem low. I'm guessing its some 55 year old male janitor hiding in the ductwork at fortress Oiler

    Enough of this draft talk LT. Get bikini on your show!

  43. Ducey: Actually, I'm trying. Won't be this weekend though.

  44. Well put, LT. The main issue with the Barker signing is how it impacts Petry's development. I think Petry is ready for the NHL this year, but Barker will take his spot.

    That said, Foster was a black hole on the power play last year, and Barker might well represent a major improvement, which could translate into real wins this year.

    In any case, a team can never have enough good players, so let Petry and Barker fight it out, and have the best man win.

    I'm OK with that, as whoever does lose will get his chance when the invariable rain of injuries starts falling.

  45. dreger now saying 9 yrs $60 mill. so $6.7 per

  46. Actually, judging from the way she writes, I'd say there's a pretty damn good chance she is a she.

  47. Whether she really is hot is another story.

  48. So if it's Cogs and Gilbert for Dubinsky, then we have to assume that Gagner is leaving for a defender. Right?

    Who needs C's? Winnipeg?

  49. If the Dubinsky for 77+13 comes true you have to think that 89/83 are next to bring back a Dman.

    I bet you could wrestle Blum out of NAS for 89. Maybe 89 + ?

    Blum's a rookie, but he's RH and was taking 2nd toughs in the playoffs.

  50. etownman et al, the exact reason fanbases don't seem to want Barker is because he seems to lack desire.

    The CnB boys linked to this posting: Why Cam Barker Should Not Be Signed

    If everything being said in that article is true, and both the Chi-Town and Minnie fanbases saw the same things, yikes.

    He could turn it around, but I don't see it happening. Would rather have gotten SOB (Shane O'Brien) and kept Foster.

  51. I was wondering about Gilroy. We now seem to be shying away from the US College kids but still thought he was worth a look.

    We all seem to agree that we need another experienced D, so who do we see that is left on the board?

    The Hockey Wilderness guys don't think much of Mr Barker:

  52. Maybe 3.11 reverts to a previous version and sits on his hands and we start the season as is. Which I think he wouldn't even mind - most of the signings are sort of transitional in type (either short term, or small on $), which would let Tambo do many familiar things: another year of dreaded assessment, let the kids get another year under their belt, and get a big D pick in the draft next year to fill the top 4. I think 3.0 would be fine with this idea.

    That said, if he seriously has moved into version 4.0 (and ironically I think the Smyth signing may have forced him sooner than he would have liked), I don't think he makes a Gilbert/Cogs for Dub trade in a vacuum. There will be two trades imo that will move 2-3 of the smaller forwards (Cogs/Gagner/Hemsky/Omark) and Gilbert to bring in a top 6 forward and a top 4 D with more grit. If the above Gilbert trade happens, then I guess Gagner+ or Hemsky get traded for a top 4 D to fill Gilbert's spot.

    And on Sutton - I think he's another guy that the Oil saw good. If you check out his fight log on, you'll notice some of his more recent wins came against Oiler fighters.

  53. Winnipeg need Cs in a bad way. That organization has had zero depth at Centre for as long as I can remember.

  54. "Who needs C's? Winnipeg?"

    They could use a filler C until Burmistrov and Scheifele are taking the reigns there. Bogosian would be nice.

    Wsh is also in cap trouble. Only 1.5 mil under with Brouwer and Alzner still left to sign and they could use another C. Mike Green could very well be in play.

  55. Competition is good.

    Ideally, the Oilers would still try to acquire a top 4 D via trade without giving up one in the process.

    The way I see the depth chart right now.

    Whitney, Barker (Whitney mentors Barker)
    Peckham, Gilbert (Can Peckham elevate his game?)
    Smid, Petry (strong partner for Petry)

  56. Caps need to dump salary to sign Alzner.

    Wideman ($4M)only has one year left, wonder if they'd dump him for a prospect?

    Sounds like they want to dump Green, but at $5.25 and RFA, that contract is poison for what you get.

  57. so maybe it's Cogs, Gilbert, and Gagner gone.

    Dubinsky, Bogosian and a pick back.

    Does that make us a better team? not sure if it does. Bogosian is an overall upgrade on Gilbert (but not a huge upgrade), Dubinsky doesn't have the offensive upside of Gagner, but it adds size and PK and physical play and Dubinsky is a solid 2nd line centre.

    So does that mean the Nuge is up with the big club, and Belanger is our 4th line centre?

    Gives us more balance, more physical play, but not sure if we are a playoff team even with those upgrades. Then it all comes down to goaltending, which we still have not addressed.

  58. The real issue here is whether or not the Oilers PK will be improved enough to counter the inevitablity of the team being shorthanded far more often.

    Eager 120PM, Hordichuk 142PM (last season in Vancouver) and Sutton 87PM (in only 39 games)along with Peckham (198PM) could put a lot of pressure on the PK.

    If the Oilers get involved in a battle of special teams, I don't like their chances.

  59. Ducey, I dated a girl who was into hockey, so they do exist.

    She was a Wings fan though, complete with wing-wheeled casual wear, so I guess you can't have everything.

  60. I doubt Bogosian is on the market anymore. The coaches (and managemnet) who gave him grief in that franchise are gone.

  61. Godot,

    Of all the Oiler D who should play on 6's right side, Barker is probably 4th behind 77,58,5

    He's a soft minute Dman who hasn't had success for the last 2-3 years, dumping in against toughs would be a disaster.

  62. Funny how that fair and unbiased report from Hockey Wilderness makes no mention of Barker's injury issues.

  63. Tracy Lane
    TreenasOil Tracy Lane
    There is interest in Horcoff from an eastern team, Oilers are asking for a 1st rd pick for him and a prospect like they got with Penner
    1 minute ago

  64. our lady of lace now saying an eastern team wants horcoff. And we want a prospect and a 1st rd pick. All the moves we just made make no sense if we then dump vets. It makes more sense to package up some youth for 2 top end players to round out the roster.

  65. DSF, I have the exact same fears for the PK. Unless of course Eager, Hordichuk, and Sutton headshot a star player on the opposing team each.

    I wouldn't be so scared of a Vancouver powerplay lacking both Sedins and Kesler. Won't happen but fun to think about.

  66. Jeebus, just found Meg Morrison on Twitter. Cute.

    I wish I knew a guy who did a Saturday radio show on the 1260 who could get me her number, lol..

    a la bikini twitter girl:
    thinking out loud... Horcoff out and Dubinsky in... paper thin d, but stacked down the middle?

  67. "The real issue here is whether or not the Oilers PK will be improved enough to counter the inevitablity of the team being shorthanded far more often."

    With the additions of Belanger and Sutton I think the PK will improve ont hat alone, because at least they will be able to win a faceoff and win some puck battles, to go along with blocking more shots. Those three things will imrpove the PK, how much remains to be seen. But they did make steps to improve it.

    I'd rather have the Oilers play balls out and have the PK bail them out than play cautious and look disinterested. The Oilers have a team that can force the play now. PK better get ready.

  68. Mind you Wideman was a tough minute muncher for WAS and RH, it would probably not be cheap to get him.

    Meg Morrison is married, newly married.

    If Horcoff goes and no C comes back the comedy that is the Oiler center position will just continue.

    Can they have 2 C's who can win a draw and PK?


  69. WG

    Whitney ISN'T a shutdown defenseman. He is an elite puck mover but only a second pairing type defensively.

    Peckham and Gilbert would face the toughest opposition, like they did last year.

    Which is why, ideally, the Oilers still need another top 4 D without giving one up.

    But if one is going to successfully reclaim Barker, Whitney is the character guy who want sitting next to him on the bench.

    And if you want to develop Petry, Smid is an almost ideal complementary player to his skills.

    So one is left praying Peckham can find another level, and send Gilbert and Peckham out against the toughs, or ideally you add one more proven D.

  70. Well if we get our hands on Dubinsky, and lay off Horcoff it's perfect.

    There's still ammo to get decent defenders (2nd picks and such). They don't cost that much.

  71. Horcoff on the block....doesn't he have a NMC?

  72. I hope they hold Gagner and Hemsky at least until the trade deadline but my left field call for a trade partner would be the Leafs and Gagner.

    Burke missed on Richards and he has an increasingly irate media/fan base even if he was doing nice things overseas. While most would not consider Gagner a 1st line center he is a recent top 6 draft pick, still young and local. Enough to calm the waters in T.O.?

    What I can't get my head around is what could potentially come back? Does Aulie's development make Schenn a possibility? Preference would be a a 2012 first round pick but I think the Bruins have put paid to that idea with the Kessel nightmare.

  73. bikini girl sez its MTL interested in Horcoff

  74. WG: Horcoff can't seem to PK for much.

    Last year:

    Oilers were less 50% with him on the ice


    Oilers were 79% which is acceptable but still not very good


    Oilers were 72% which is really bad


    Oilers were 80% which is acceptable but still not very good

    He's never been a really good PK'er. Acceptable and dismal twice.

  75. Like where we are with full pantry of prospects. Have no difficulty with most of the prospects playing in junior or AHL. Unless we obtain top pairing shutdown guy, could not imagine trading Gilbert. Would just as soon sign someone like Scott Hannan for 2 years

  76. Godot,

    Gilbert and Peckham against the toughs is bad. Very bad.

    Of the LH Dmen who should play with 77 against the toughs the list is probably:


    Scoring chances with Gilbert last year:

    Smid Gilbert .515 (227 Total SC)
    Peckham Gilbert .462 (329 Total SC)

    Also having 5,58 as a third pair is a good idea if you have a decent top 4, but having Barker and Peckham playing tougher minutes than Smid is ridiculous.

  77. Fpb,

    What was his on ice save % last 4v5 last year?

    Look that up first.

    hint: its under .700

  78. How much time before the Oiler fans run Gomez out of town?

    I give the whole pre-season.

  79. Peckham cannot handle the toughs, even with Gilbert. He proved that last year. He's a 3rd pairing guy right now, exactly like Sutton, Barker and Petry.

  80. Woodguy said...


    What was his on ice save % last 4v5 last year?

    Look that up first.

    hint: its under .700

    Must have given up some 5 bell chances.

  81. Horcoff for Gomez isn't happening fpb.

    DSF, yes its all his fault.

  82. WG: IF you convert to something more average on the club (Jones' 868)

    It gives:

    66% instead of 50%

    Which is still abysmal.

  83. WG: Well we don't have the money, and no one else with salary is available.

  84. The rumor is Horcoff for Scott Gomez, wishful thinking or one too many wobbly pops. Oilers already have a size problem at center and to get another smurf that is bad defensively doesn't make sense. As much as I hate Horcoff this trade doesn't make sense.

  85. Philly was rumoured to be trying to move Meszaros, but he's a lefty.

    Same with White and NJD. Can get around his NTC with the threat of waivers.

  86. Not sure I was quite THAT dramatic LT, but it would be fair to say I didn't have Dubnyk rated where he was selected.

  87. MTL called the Oil, not other way around, and Oil don't want to move him, will only do so if the Price is right.

    Per Bra and panties.

    I may have capitalized the P myself.

  88. If they want Horcoff so bad, they can give us Tinordi or Beaulieau

  89. MTL is trying to unload SG and his lousy contract, its that or bury him in the minors

  90. Gomez's deal is up before Horcoff's, which is the only way that makes sense from an Oiler's perspective.

  91. I suspect that someday bikini girl's identity will become known. When that happens, I suspect that her beard and beer gut will make a lot of people feel very awkward.

  92. Montreal was interested in Horcoff at the time they acquired Gomez so who knows.

    Sounds like Katz has his fingers on he team though which is unfortunate.

    Horcoff's contract definitely doesn't look as bad after yesterday but if you can get Gomez and 1st I would make the move.

  93. Horcoff to the Habs?

    There is one Montreal centre I'd be interested in trading Horcoff for, as a semi-reclamation project(retired). He's recently been seen working in the NHL though.

    Jacques Lemaire, anyone?

  94. Woodguy said...

    Horcoff for Gomez isn't happening fpb.

    DSF, yes its all his fault.

    No it isn't...but it's not all the goaltenders fault either.

    It's a team game.

  95. Fpb,

    Last year cetainly wasn't his best, but when he got injured he was average for the team.

    When they changed the PK scheme it improved significantly, but Renney started running 4v5 forward sets that didn't PP, so 10 never got back on the PK in any meaningful way and his numbers were stuck. Look at Eberle's numbers for the same thing. When 10 got hurt 14 never saw 4v5 again either.

    He's not a PK demon, but has proved over his career that he can do it, and win draws which is vital with the Dzone opening draw.

    No way he waives his NMC to go to MTL, I doubt they even ask him too, and if by some slim chance they did, taking Gomez back is a MTL fan's pipe dream.

  96. No it isn't...but it's not all the goaltenders fault either.

    It's a team game.

    I agree with that.

    Special team is also scheme/coach dependent and their scheme at the beginning of the year was horrid.

  97. WG: Well we don't have the money, and no one else with salary is available.


    You referred to the Montreal Canadiens as "we" on Lowetide's site.

    I think you may get IP banned.

  98. WG: No but he's never been particularly good either.

    80% gives you something like 25th place, and he's touched that twice out of 4 opportunities.

    There's way better PK'ers out there.

  99. I don't know if the Horcoff for Gomez thing is as bad an idea as some might believe, depending what else EDM would get back from MON.

    (1) Gomez's contract is one year shorter. Over the 3 years of Gomez's deal, he would "only" be paid 1 mil more in real money than the next 3 years of Horcoff's contract.

    (2) the cap space is irrelevant for the next two years

    (3) If last year was an aberration, and gomez rebounds to a 50-55 point C the next season or two, Gomez should be easily tradeable (and perhaps return value) for the last year of his contract with his 7.36 mil cap hit, but only a 4.5 mil salary.

    So, if you need the cap room in 2 years with Hall etc,you can probably get it.

  100. Well, at least he'd be closer to Alaska.

    It would have to come with Tinordi like sweetener IMHO.

  101. I'm okay with Gomez for Horcoff, especially if there is more coming back. Gomez has been a tough minutes beater in the past and if he's between Hall and Eberle, he's going to get a mix of toughs and seconds behind Smyth-Gagner-Hemsky.

    I'm also okay with keep Horcoff. They just need to make sure Tambellini doesn't go off half-cocked and come back without a veteran toughs center to play between Tomax and Xamot.

  102. The ideal solution to the defensive problems is Nick Schultz. Would Peckham and Cogliano be enough to land Schultz?

  103. Remember me mentioning real save %. set up so that it was cummulative. he saved a point shot with screen. 7%. he saved a wrist shot with a slide across dive glove save 80%.

    it would work with players as well. he gave up 175% on 8 shots a 21.9%/shot game. he was a 7%/shot player.

    makes corsi a whole lot more relavent. you do not end up with measure errors of 200 to 1000% like corsi does.

    Corsi great concept base.
    Data highly flawed for real use.

  104. sorry save % very relavent. but dependent on quality of shot yeilded in all our shot based measures. 4% to 80% quality of shots. 2000% ERROR IN DATA. What world any world is a 2000% error acceptable.

  105. As much as I see the Oil wanting a guy like Tinordi, he's pretty much garbage.

    1-13-14 -8 as a 18 years old D for the Knights.... Ouch.

  106. Coach,

    Schultz is LH and played mostly 3rd pair minutes 5v5.

    Not my first choice.

  107. I wouldn't be taking Schultz either.

    Martinek maybe as LT mentioned on ON. Christ he's hurt a lot though.

  108. How about Johnny Boychuk...? had a bit of a disappointing playoffs, and still needs to work on his reads, so Bruins might be willing to deal him. He should be able to handle 2nd pairing, add some ruffianiage, and has a decent shot from the point.

  109. Fact: Statisticians now count every goal
    against Khabibulin as an empty-net goal.

    Just came across this diamond from DGB.

  110. If the Arnott rumor was true, you'd think the cover on a trade where we go D for C is to sign him. He's been the kind of guy we need for almost 20 years now.

  111. Bikini Girl is goint to give me a heart attack soon. I just know it.

    Please don't trade Hemsky. Please don't trade Hemsky.

    I thought he wa safe once he made it through the draft! Agh!

    waflumpi - Trading Hemsky would be a major one.

  112. Barker's back injury worries me. It could really hamper his shooting ability and lateral movement. Two things you really need to be good at if you get all of your points on the power play.

    We'll see....

  113. Darren Dreger
    DarrenDreger Darren Dreger
    Paperwork being worked on between the Leafs and Tim Connolly. 2 year agreement @ $4.75 aav.
    2 minutes ago

  114. Wait. Mike Green is a soft offense only defenseman? I hope that is the mantra in the hockey world because it's pretty off base.

  115. A lot of comments today about too many bottom pairing defensemen. People are looking at today's depth chart and not understanding that we may not see that group together for more than a handful of games the entire season. I feel the need to repeat my mantra of the past few years.

    If I was a GM, I'd carry 9 NHL caliber defensemen

    2009-2010 preseason depth chart
    1. Souray
    2. Visnovsky->Whitney
    3. Gilbert
    4. Grebeshkov
    5. Smid
    6. Staois->Johnson
    7. Strudwick
    8. Chorney
    9. Peckham
    10. Arsene/Plante/Motin

    2009-2010 rankings based on GP
    1. Gilbert- 82
    2. Visnovsky/Whitney- 75
    3. Strudwick- 72
    4. Staois/Johnson- 59
    5. Smid- 51
    6. Grebeshkov- 47
    7. Chorney- 42
    8. Souray- 37
    9. Peckham-15
    10. Aresene/Motin/Plante- 18

    You see here that your guy who was in the press box on opening night (Strudwick) played 72 games! Your AHL kid (Chorney) played half the season in the NHL and guys who were never supposed to see the sun played 33 games. Also remember, defensemen can't be hidden like 4th line forwards. They play nearly 20 minutes a night. During the season above, Jason Strudwick played more minutes than any Oiler forward. Based on the numbers, this would have been a common lineup:


    How far is that removed from this?


    Was that an aberration because of once in a lifetime injuries?

    2010-2011 preseason lineup:
    2. Gilbert
    3. Foster
    4. Smid
    5. Vendermeer
    6. Peckham
    7. Strudwick
    8. Petry
    9. Chorney
    10. Petiot/Belle/Plante

    2010-11 reshuffled by games played

    1. Gilbert-79
    2. Smid- 78
    3. Foster- 71
    4. Peckham- 71
    5. Vandermeer- 62
    6. Strudwick- 43
    7. Petry- 35
    8. Whitney- 35
    9. Chorney- 12
    10. Petiot/Belle/Plante- 10

    A far healthier group as 4 of the Top 6 played 70+ games. But guess what, Jason Strudwick still played 43 and our #8 still played 35 and our 9-12 still played 22!

    Here's the 2011-2012 preseason depth chart:

    1. Whitney
    2. Gilbert
    3. Smid
    4. Sutton
    5. Peckham
    6. Barker
    7. Petry
    8. Chorney
    9. Plante
    10. Teubert

    And here's a realistic view on how this will have played out by season's end. On average, 2 of the top 3 play 70+ and the other plays less than half.

    1. Gilbert-75
    2. Smid- 71
    3. Whitney- 35

    Players 4-7 has one guy who plays the full season, one who plays half and the others in between so:

    4. Peckham- 69
    5. Petry- 57
    6. Barker- 55
    7. Sutton- 41

    Number 8 always plays just under half the year:

    8. Chorney- 39

    Number 9 plays 15 games and so does whatever combination of 10-12 you want to use:

    9. Plante- 15
    10. Teubert- 15

    I expect the group is picturing this:


    Be forewarned, at some point, you're going to see this:

    How's that look?

    This team needs a #1, 2 or 3 to push Smid down and the restof the depth is just fine to wait for the inevitable.

  116. All I have is questions?

    Why would ST fork out that kind of coin for Barker rather than top it up another $2-3M and grab a non-project?

    Why would ST trade away our only RH C (Gagner)? Dubinsky is another LH'er for us and LW is not a strong point for the Rags.

    Why are we talking trading away RW's when it's our place of least forward depth? Unless of course Hemsky has indicated he will not re-sign?

    Washington still looks to be a logical trade partner with a big piece/high contract coming this way. Green / Semin anyone?

  117. Every time Hunter posts there's a raft of coincidental minors, but we never seem to wind up short handed.

    Every time DSF posts, it's an automatic 5 on 3. One guy goes to the sin bin for bantering with troll, another guy steps back from the keyboard for a 2m temple massage while play continues. Wondering about this I just googled DSF. "Digital Space Frog" came up in the first result set. None of the others seem plausible.

    Ryan Smyth's penalty statistics include no credits for Geigeresque nuclear meltdowns. Think about that for a moment.

    Nor does a Ryan Smyth penalty minute does trade at par with an Ethan Moreau penalty minute in the first place. When we had Gator around, I'm sure he took his fair share, but I also suspect there weren't many opponents lining up for a second helping (which most of the time worked out closer to a forth helping). PIM must be subject to one of those grandfather clauses so popular in the pesticide industry.

    A transgression statistic that can't distinguish Ethan Moreau from Jason Smith makes Tambi look like a divining rod. The slightest application of context brings Tambi back to earth.

  118. DeadmanWaking said...

    Every time Hunter posts there's a raft of coincidental minors, but we never seem to wind up short handed.

    Every time DSF posts, it's an automatic 5 on 3. One guy goes to the sin bin for bantering with troll, another guy steps back from the keyboard for a 2m temple massage while play continues. Wondering about this I just googled DSF. "Digital Space Frog" came up in the first result set. None of the others seem plausible.

    Thanls for thinking about me :)

    Oh, yeah:

    Simon Gagne just signed with LA for two years.

  119. People are seriously skeptical of Green because of questionable defense? Seriously?

    The man could occasionally fire the puck into his own net, get confused and start playing for the other team, and spend some games floating around the opposition blue-line looking for a cherry pass, and I'd still take him.

    Elite talents are really, really hard to find. It'd be nice to pick-up a veteran, top pairing two-way defenceman, but that type of player, I suspect, is buried somewhere in the system, between Klefbom, Marincin and Petry. Is there anyone close to Green in the Oilers system? Heck, is there a guy on his level in the league?

    Get the guy. Find guys who can play a safer game later. They're much easier to find.

  120. Your posts always take us on a journey, Deadman. Good stuff.

  121. Green would do me just fine. Course depends on what assets we'd have to forsake and whether WAS is truly interested in dealing him.

  122. Wonder if Washington would take Smid, Gagner and a second or a third round pick for Green?

    I'd deal Gilbert if necessary, but I'd rather see them add Green to their puck-movers, rather than upgrading one of them.

  123. Paper Designer said...Wonder if Washington would take Smid, Gagner and a second or a third round pick for Green?

    Would you? That move doesn't help them get much more wiggle room than they have now and removes the only RH C the Oilers possess.

    fistor Not going there but hope ST can be one soon

  124. Wonder if Washington would take Smid, Gagner and a second or a third round pick for Green?

    Washington doesn't need C help much anyways with Backstrom, Laich, Johansson and Halpern there already.

  125. If Hemsky is to be shopped as it becoming apparent, I would prefer it be for a quality young Dman, say to WAS or PHX. But I wonder whether that level of move is out there for Hemsky right now.

    But would a return of James Neal make sense?

    PIT tried to land Hemsky at the deadline for Goligoski, before finally moving him for Neal when the Oiler's demands were publicly proclaimed too high. So the interest and value seems to be there for Shero.

    Add to it the fact that they lost out on Jagr and need wingers, especially on the right-side.

    Love Hemsky as a player, but love Neal too, and such a move would replace an emerging area of strength on the roster (playmaker) with an area of weakness (shooter, powerforward). Plus Neal is more in line age wise with the cluster.

    Neal is a LW, but just move Smyth or Paajarvi over to RW. Would such a move be palatable?

  126. Neal is a LW, but just move Smyth or Paajarvi over to RW. Would such a move be palatable?

    Uhhhhh? No!

  127. Ian White just signed with Detroit. 2 years at 2.875M/year.

    This is where Barker's money looks dumb.

  128. @Cabbiesmacker... Thought Gagner and Smid had a lower collective cap hit than that.

    Smid and Marincin and a third? They replace some of their talent on the blue, gain some cap space, and have a pretty decent prospect for down the road.

  129. what about these rumors swirling of addiction problems? anyone know anything about that?

  130. @Brendan - I might like a drink from time to time, but no way I'm addicted

  131. Yeah, but you're Scottish so the bar's set a little higher.

    Ingluet: too cold to live there, although I do like whale meat.

  132. what about these rumors swirling of addiction problems? anyone know anything about that?

    As far as we know LT is managing...

  133. I'm sorry I can't hear you because there's two beer mugs are clanging in my ear.

  134. bikini girl says Vokoun is asking too much.

  135. Would you sign Vokoun for two years at, say, 5.5 mil per year?

  136. @cabbiesmacker

    "Uhhhhh? No!"

    No to Hemsky for Neal, or no to moving Smyth or Paajarvi to RW?

    In the case of the later, Smyth has played his off-wing in the past, and I actually think Paajarvi is better suited to the RW.

  137. Great offensive player, but I have had enough of one dimensional injury prone players please.

    If we're going this route I'd rather go after Webber or someone more rounded. At least you're doing more than trading goals in gaining an anchor for the team, which I don't think Green really is.

  138. FastOil said...If we're going this route I'd rather go after Webber or someone more rounded.

    I don't think Weber is a realistic dream. I have him rated as the NHL's #1D but for sure he has to be top 3. Blum or Ellis would probably be far more realistic options. NSH is deep in RH point men.

  139. If you sign Cogliano at 1.6, Peckham and whoever is the 7th for 2 mil combined, and demote Hartikainen and Khabibulin, EDM would be just barely under the cap, without room for RNH barring other moves.


    Ryan Smyth ($6.250m) / Shawn Horcoff ($5.500m) / Ales Hemsky ($4.100m)
    Taylor Hall ($3.750m) / Sam Gagner ($2.275m) / Jordan Eberle ($1.158m)
    Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson ($1.525m) / Eric Belanger ($1.750m) / Ryan Jones ($1.500m)
    Ben Eager ($1.100m) / Andrew Cogliano ($1.600m) / Linus Omark ($0.875m)
    Darcy Hordichuk ($0.825m) / Gilbert Brule ($1.850m)

    Tom Gilbert ($4.000m) / Ryan Whitney ($4.000m)
    Ladislav Smid ($2.250m) / Cam Barker ($2.250m)
    Andy Sutton ($2.125m) / Jeff Petry ($1.000m)
    / Theo Peckham ($0.900m)

    Devan Dubnyk ($0.800m) / Tomas Vokoun ($5.700m) / Nikolai Khabibulin ($3.750m)

    BUYOUTS: Sheldon Souray ($2.400m) / Robert Nilsson ($0.416m)

    CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
    (these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion)
    SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $63,650,000; BONUSES: $3,937,500
    CAP SPACE (24-man roster): $650,000

  140. Hemsky for Neal. At least until it becomes clear as to whether Hemsky has intentions to re-sign or not. RW is a weaker spot right now so I don't think it makes a lot of sense to experiment there.

    If Hemsky is healthy for once? We have one of the premium RW's available. His future is probably better decided at the trade deadline depending on the quality of return.

    Would another team risk a trade for him right now anyways?

  141. Speeds: Would you want to be "barely under the cap" with that team. No need to compound the Khabibulin problems with Vokoun problems.

  142. Vokoun at over 2 years can take a hike. Vokoun at making more money than Habby can also take a hike. Just beacuse Habby is making stupid means the Oilers have to give Vokoun stupid money.

  143. Vokoun signs 1 year with Washington for only 1.5M

  144. DangerMan:

    Moot point, as Vokoun has apparently just signed a one year 1.5 mil deal with the WSH Capitals.

  145. Vokoun to Caps, 1-yr/1.5m

    as per Spector

    Big discount to go to a contender.

  146. Wsh is sure nuts tight to the cap now....what are they going to do about it?

  147. So Vokoun signed with the Caps, True or False?

    Seriously, though, wonderful management of the goaltending issue by McPhee, from beginning to end. Wonder if Holmgren was watching?

  148. I guess that would have represented a serious overpay, since it would be an extra 10 mil for one extra season.

    I would be surprised if EDM offered Vokoun even 9 over 2, only to see him sign for 1.5 over 1 with WSH - that second year would represent a guaranteed second season at 7.5 mil.

  149. Moves Varlamov for a 1st and 2nd, potentially a preety good first, then signs an equivalent or superior goalie for almost half of what Varlamov is making.

    I'd say that's a good two days for McPhee!

  150. DangerMan:

    Could be that Semin is about to go on the trade market?

  151. Let some other team make the offer sheet and then be there ready and willing for the cap trade when WAS matches.

  152. I think the Caps "promised" Vokoun a larger contract as soon as they clear cap space. If the Caps were over the limit, their bargaining position in any trade would be severely compromised.

    However, considering what the Caps did to Belanger last year, I think the Vokoun camp are fools to trust the Capitals.

    But then if the Caps don't quickly, clear cap space and add to this deal, with a big signing bonus, Vokoun can just decide not to play hard in the playoffs.

  153. If you could trade Hemsky straight across for Semin, which would bring more value at the trade deadline?

    My problem with the trade deadline though is that it's tough to get a defenceman.

  154. McPhee has had a good couple of days, but now its going to be on how he finishes....If he can find a taker for Wideman, he'll look like a genious, if he has to move Green....not so much.

    If he can find a taker for Poti, he'll have a picture of Einstein beside his.

  155. Not saying I would trade Hemsky, just asking.


  156. "Could be that Semin is about to go on the trade market?"

    Potentially, but Wsh moves Semin, that drastically hurts their skill quotient, as other than him and Ovechkin, the rest of their wingers are 3rd line plugger types.

  157. Downright Fierce said...All together now: "Offer sheet Alzner!"

    Even better since Alzner is a LH shot and not offensively gifted?

    Trade flotsam and jetsom for Carlson and ugly contract.

  158. Tracy Lane @TreenasOil

    Oilers feel they have no1 goalie in Bunz and Dubnyk don't want to sign an old goalie for long term

    With regard to Vokoun.

  159. Im not really sure what else they would do? Move Green or Wideman?

    They still need to re-sign Alzner and Brouwer, tough to imagine those two coming in any lower than 4 mil combined, and WSH is currently 0.5 mil under the cap.

    Maybe they wait and see if someone gets injured?

  160. "Oilers feel they have no1 goalie in Bunz and Dubnyk don't want to sign an old goalie for long term"

    Two things bother me about that comment...One its a little early to declare that about Bunz, and I'm not sure Dubnyk is there yet either....Two...Is Roy chopped liver?

    But I understand not overpaying know that Habby thing....touch fire=hot...sometimes you learn from the past....I hope at least in the Oilers case.

  161. LA will probably be more than willing to test drive Semin for a season.

  162. Remember Poti is almost certainly destined for LTIR.

  163. DM, she claims Bunz is ahead in the depth charts, and I agree with that, he was ahead in mine before I read the tweet.


    toto ↑OilersOilChange 1 hour @TreenasOil are the Oilers still looking to trade for another D man top 4 pairing?

    TreenasOil 1 hour @OilersOilChange only if Gilbert gets moved

    OilersOilChange 1 hour @TreenasOil thanks... Any chance that happens still..? Think you mentioned. Deal may have been on the table yesterday?

    Tracy Lane @TreenasOil @OilersOilChange oilers have offers but not what they want if they can't move brule he will go on waivers

  164. They also drafted two goalies this year, so they're not betting the farm on Doobs and Bunz.

  165. Would be interesting if a team like DET offer sheeted Alzner, in the ~3mil-~4.7mil band where compensation would be a 1st and a 3rd.

  166. I didn't realize Poti's injury was that serious, I guess that alleviates some of the cap crunch.

  167. Bunz has had a really strong 12 months. I think most have him ahead of Roy.

  168. Three RH shots in Oilers current top four forward lines and ones a C. Does it matter?

    Not including Creme de cuz I don't think he factors in.

    abstring If Stauffer is bikini girl that'd be one helluvan abstring

  169. Anyone watch the Haye / Klitschko fight? Was like watching the Oil against..well, pretty much anyone.

  170. "Three RH shots in Oilers current top four forward lines and ones a C. Does it matter?"

    It really only matters on the top 2 lines because its really difficult to run a power play if everyone shoot the same hand. As long as you at least have 2 RH shots on the top 2 lines, you should be ok, 3 is better.

  171. I don't get the Gilbert thing... Why would they be willing to move the only legit RHer they have. If it's for a serious improvement I guess, if there's someone specific they have in mind and he's the guy the other team wants back, but her tweet indicates otherwise.

    I think it's possible she's blowing a little smoke here or playing on the Gilbert-haters, especially after it sounds like Stauffer was backing Gilbert.

  172. I do worry about the organization and their opinion of Barker. I think they believe he's going to step in and thrive.

    jmo, I have no inside info. Just the number and the quotes.

  173. Hmm I'd see if you can get Holtby out of Washington.

    Not a bad dance partner in Washington if they want to improve their skill quotient at forward and are willing to move one of their dmen (not Schultz) and a goalie like Holtby.

  174. LT: I'd only be worrying if the Barker deal was multi-year. I appreciate your view that he might be taking ice time from those who need it more, but when you factor in the inevitable injuries, and the possible upside, I like this signing.

  175. LT: They said the same thing about Foster last year. Right now its more of a hope than anything when it comes to Barker. They need to buy Petry some time togain some traction.

  176. who is bikini girl? seriously what are her sources and why are we listening?

  177. I don't care who her sources are, she's about 400 times more accurate than the Philadelphia basement suite guy.

  178. So the Oilers have signed RNH to his entry level contract.

  179. "So the Oilers have signed RNH to his entry level contract."

    Does that mean we're not trading him?

  180. lazerguidedmelody said...LT: I'd only be worrying if the Barker deal was multi-year.

    Theres cause for concern even if it's just one year. $2.25 for absolutely "nothing" when that money could have gone towards "something" is worrisome. Well under cap or not.

    If Barker ends up being what he was last year, and has the same personal problems, it was a ridiculous waste of cash that could have gone somewhere else and a totally needless risk.

    $2.25 for 5 points up against the weakest comp? Yet there are some that bitch and moan if a third liner is paid $300k more than they think he should be.

  181. I think the point is you'll live longer if you don't bitch about low risk one year contracts.

  182. This comment has been removed by the author.

  183. cabbiesmacker: We're Oilers fans. "Ridiculous waste of money" has about 20 degrees of severity in this neck of the woods.

  184. Smarmy Boss said...I think the point is you'll live longer if you don't bitch about low risk one year contracts.

    Or 3rd liners potentially making $200k more than they should..cough Glencross. Just mulling how much of a top-up on $2.25 would be required to get "zero" risk.

    Downright Fierce said...: We're Oilers fans. "Ridiculous waste of money" has about 20 degrees of severity in this neck of the woods.

    I hear ya.

  185. If Barker turns out to be Denis Grebeshkov, would that be a good thing or a bad thing?? IMO I think he will do just fine, better than Foster and Smid, that just shows us how bad this team's defense actually was last year. Yikes!!