Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Updated Roster and Numbers

Still some numbers to come, but here's what I have so far:

Roloson (3.667M)
Garon (1.2M)

Pitkanen (EST 3.2)
Steve Staios(2.7M)
Tarnstrom (2M)
Greene (1.15M)
Grebeshkov (950k)
Smid (915k)
Gilbert (908k)

Pouliot (942k)

Left Wing
Sanderson (1.5M)
Torres (2.25M)
Moreau (2M)
Nilsson (1.013M)

Right Wing
Thoresen (570k)
Stortini (534k)

Jacques (668k)
Tobias Petersen(EST 450k)

Garon, Tarnstrom, Torres and Greene's numbers are the real McCoy, still estimating Pitkanen and Grebeshkov. Petersen is thrown in here to represent the "end of the roster" player who'll go there.

23 players.
TOTAL: $39,957,000
Room: $5M based on team's 45M cap.


  1. Wish I had a link, but I'm sure I read somewhere that Grebs is at 950k

  2. Found it...finally....

  3. What do you guys think about trying to go long-term with Pitkanen?

    Ryan Whitney, he of 58 points from the Penguins blueline this year and one spot behind Joni in the 2002 draft, signed a six-year, 24 million dollar deal with the Penguins earlier this week.

    If I were Lowe, I'd offer similar terms to the "new 44" and see if he's willing to lock-in for awhile. You could give him a one-year deal and do the long-term deal next summer, but then you run the risk of him having a big year this season and his price going up.

    Maybe offer a 6 year, 21 million dollar deal?

  4. In my opinion it is very, very unlikely that Pitkanen signs for less than Whitney. I'm pretty confident in predicting that Pitkanen's contract will be the topic of some debate for Oiler fans, like 6 years @ 4.5 million, maybe only 5 years.

  5. i don't know where to put this:

    what do you think about the oilers signing jason allison? he would make a significant impact on the PP. with hemsky, tarnstrom, pitkanen in the fold that could be our weapon next year. i also think we have enough veteran forwards to hide him.

  6. I dunno, I think it would be best for Lowe to wait until Pitkanen is nearly a free agent and then he can lowball him.

  7. That Whitney contract is surely going to be one that the Pitkanen camp is going to be looking at. Heck, it's one the Lowe camp should be look at as well. I think Pitkanen could have a stronger case of wanting his salary higher. I would probably be willing to do a 6 year pact from between 24 and 28 million.

    It's very likely if we wait too long, Pitkanen's pricetag is only going to go up.